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CP test-station SKIP-159-2,4

Cathodic protection test-station SKIP-159-2,4 Х,Х Y1

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The CP test-station SKIP – 159-2,4 is intended for the equipment of control and measuring points in field conditions. It is made from the steel pipe. The bottom part of a pipe represents a steel square for fixing the SKIP in a ground and for prevention of spontaneous lowering. The top part is made as the box with contacts panel. As additional application, it may be equipped a special cover-board for a spelling of special marks and special chassis for installing BDR-25 block on it. In the bottom part of a column there is an aperture for a supply of a cables. The external surface of a pipe and all metal parts of box are protected by a powder coating.
Also, the SKIP-159-2,4 may be equipped by the “KATRON-PIKET” controllers, for remote control of the protective potential.


  • Height, not less, mm - 2400 mm.
  • Internal diameter, not less - 159 mm.
  • Quantity of contacts on the panel, pieces:
    • measuring - up to 32
    • power - up to 12

      Description example:

SKIP-159-2,4-3/2S Y1 - the CP test-station with 3 measuring contacts an 2 power contacts

Weight, kg 35
Country Russia
Warranty period, years 1
Manufacturer SPE Don Ltd., Donskaya korona Ltd/

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