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"Electrotechnics - Service - Automation” (Individual entrepreneur Vadim V. Pervunin) has been working in the market of engineering services, supplies of specialized electrical equipment and electronics since 2001.

Carry out complex deliveries of:
- electro technical devices of wide application;
- cathodic protection equipment (rectifiers, test-stations etc.);
- boxes and structures for electrical purposes;
- shelving systems for various purposes.

Provide services for companies of energy sector:
- execution of complex measurements and optimization of operating modes of the technological system of cathodic protection (CP) against corrosion of gas distribution networks of complex configuration;
- installation and commissioning of controllers and telemechanics equipment for CP rectifiers;
- subscription service and service support of automation control system of the CP equipment;
- maintenance and repair of the CP equipment (produced by SPE Don Ltd. and some other manufacturers);
- staff training in the environment of industrial process control system CP (STEL-K).
- databases development and automation of reporting documentation process.

Thanks to our long-standing direct relations with equipment manufacturers, we provide the most loyal pricing policy, a high level of technical support service and maintenance of all the products supplied..


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