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Cathodic protection rectifiers “UKZT”

  • “UKZT” type – UKZT-A OPE  modifications - automatic cathodic protection rectifiers in compact boxes;
  • “UKZT-U” type – UKZT-AU OPE modifications - automatic cathodic protection rectifiers;
  • “UKZT-TM” type – UKZT-A OPE TM-GSM and UKZT-AU OPE TM-GSM modification - automatic cathodic protection rectifiers with GSM telemechanics  in full size and compact boxes;
  • “UKZT-S” type – UKZT-AS OPE 0,3 (portable CP rectifier)

All presented in this section rectifiers you can buy by pre order. Time of producing and transfer to expedition is up to 20 days for ordering up to 10 rectifiers. If your order contain more 10 rectifiers, you need ask shop administrator about producing and delivery time

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