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Сathodic protection transformer rectifier UKZT-AU OPE 2,0 Y1

Automatic cathodic protection transformer rectifier by UKZT-U serie. Nominal output power - 2000 W.
109 575 RUR

Cathodic Protection transformer rectifiers UKZT-U serie are intended for protection of underground metal constructions (pipelines, tanks etc.) against corrosion by cathodic polarization method. This rectifiers are made since 2001.

The automatic CP rectifier has three regimes of work: manual control, automatic stabilization of output current (DC) or protective potential on protected construction.

The CP rectifier of this model has next features:
– Intuitively clear panel of control bodies ;
– Unique ergonomic design;
– Unpretentiousness and safety in work;
– Universality and interchangeability of blocks and parts of the rectifiers;
– The compact and strong case from sheet steel;
– High-quality powder coating of metal parts of the case;
– Small dimensions and weight.

Automatic stabilization of output current, at the range, % 5...100
Automatic stabilization of protective potential, at the range, V -0,5...-3,5
Weight, kg 68
Dimensions, mm ( WxHxL) 435х830х370
Country Russia
Nominal output power, kW 2
Nominal voltage of Main by frequency 50 Hz ,V AC 220
Nominal output voltage DC (1st mode/2nd mode), V 48/96
Nominal output current DC (1st mode/2nd mode), Amps 42/21
Accuracy of automatic stabilization, % 2,5
Efficiency, no less, % 70
Voltage overload protection, V 390
Climatic modification, category of accommodation N1
Safety class of service 01
Protection against influence of an environment and contact with current carrying parts IP34
The working range of temperature, C° -45...+45 (max +50)
lifetime value, years 15
Producing time period, days 15
Warranty period, years 1
Manufacturer SPE Don Ltd., Donskaya korona Ltd/