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The Electrotechnics - Service - Automation online store repeat the discount action for the any types Donkont time counters.
Короткая видеоподсказка - Как оформить заказ и сделать покупку на ю
In the Electrotechnics - Service - Automation online store the discount action is begun for the any types Donkont time counters.
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Welcome to the online shop "Electrotechnics - Service - Automation” - the first russian full-featured online shop of specialized equipment for electrochemical (cathodic) corrosion protection!

The main product range of our online store is the products of our partner companies specializing in the production of electrical and electronic equipment for both industrial and domestic use.
Thanks to our long-standing and close ties with manufacturers, we offer you not only the best price offers, but also quality service for maintenance and support of all types of equipment presented in our store.

Also, in our shop you can find other types of electrical and electronic products, such as:
- measuring instruments;
- control units for single-phase rectifiers;
- transformers for power supplies;
- electronic and mechanical repellent devices;
and other products.

We gladly accept and service orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The contact center of our online store is open from 8.00 to 20.00 (Mon.-Fri.) and from 10.00 to 18.00 (on weekends and public holidays) Moscow time.

Delivery of goods is carried out in the Rostov-on-Don city, to Russian regions and in other countries.

Place an order, choose a delivery method and pay for it via the website and we will contact you to agree on the time and details of order delivery. If you have any questions or have not found a delivery method or payment as you need, just send us a message with your question and we will find a special solution for you.

You can place an order for the product you are interested in, even if it is not currently available! We will do our best for the speedy production and delivery of the positions that interest you and immediately notify you of their arrival at our warehouse.

If you have technical or any other questions, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or through the feedback form. 

Online shop "Electrotechnics - Service - Automation” is the official distributor of companies:

SPE Don Ltd, Donskaya korona Ltd.SPE DonKont Ltd.

 IONOS LED lightings

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