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ZGANS GES-MS-P portable reference electrode

The portable non-polarised reference electrode ZGANS GES-MS-P

9 211 RUR

The portable non-polarised reference electrodes ZGANS GES-MS-P are intended for maintenance electrolytic contact to a ground in circuits of definition of efficiency of anticorrosive protection of underground metal constructions without CP test-station on a ground surface.

This electrode is made as a portable for use at ambient temperatures between - 10 ° C to + 40 ° C. The electrode is delivered in dry-charged state and has a collapsible design for refilling electrolyte.

Possible options

  • Base
  • Base + Extension handle (ZGANS GES-MS-P-R)
  • Base + Extension handle + steel electrode (ZGANS GES-MS-P-R-VE)


  • Can be used in any environment, including dry and aggressive
  • Equipped with a ceramic membrane to prevent drying out or contamination with chloride and hydrogen sulphide ions
  • Does not require flushing or electrolyte replacement
  • Possesses high resistance to mechanical stress
  • Can be supplied complete with an extension handle with a secure electrode locking mechanism
Country Russia
Warranty period, years 3
Manufacturer Gas equipment factory «NS» Ltd
Transitional electric resistance, kOhm no more 15
Potential to AgCl electrode, mV 118±10
External diameter / height, mm 45/1250 with extension handle & steel electrode 45/1180 with extension handle 31/150
Length of wire, m, not less 1,5