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Telemetry kit for cathodic protection rectifiers

The installation kit based on the KATRON-SKZ controller for cathodic protection rectifiers (CPR) and connecting of them to the STEL-K or similar telemechanics system of cathodic protection.

73 689 RUR
79 650 RUR

The installation of this kit will allow you to restore the cathodic protection rectifier performance and turn it into a modern device with a wide range of functionality.

The kit is designed to equip of the cathodic protection rectifiers (CPR) of various types by a controller of the KATRON-SKZ series, which serves as a control and monitoring unit of the CPR operating modes. Equipping the CPR with this kit allows you to integrate this one into the telemechanics system of the automated control system for cathodic protection "STEL-K" or into another that supports the ModBus RTU protocol. The kit allows you control and monitoring the modes of the CPR in both “local” and remote (via GSM-communication channels) modes. In connection with the fact that the controller KATRON-SKZ completely replaces the standard control electronics, the installation of this kit allows you to use it as a backup circuit.

The functionality of the KATRON-SKZ is scribed on the page of the product

The basic kit includes:

- Controller "KATRON-SKZ" (or its modification) with an integrated GSM communication module.
- External GSM antenna.
- Battery of reserve power supply.
- Transformer
- Main harness for connecting the controller to the measuring circuits and the control circuit of the CPR
- Cable harness of connection of the controller to the electricity meter of the “Mercury-200.02” type
- Cable harness connection to the door sensor RMS.

Standard functions of the KATRON-SKZ controller for the cathodic protection rectifiers.

Measured and transmitted by the controller through the telemechanics system channels next values and signals from the CP rectifier:
- Output voltage DC - 0...99,9 V
- Output current DC - 0...99,9 A
- Protective potential voltage (reference electrode (CuSO4) is neded) - 0,5...4,9 V
- Time counter of full work - 0...999999,9 h
- Time counter of protection - 0...999999,9 h
- Electricity meter readings and the Main voltage AC (when connecting an appropriate type of electricity meter)
- Alarm transmission to the telemechanics system terminal and signal duplication via SMS to the staff’s mobile phone (up to 4 phone numbers are possible)
- Transmitting the archive of the CP rectifier electronic journal of work (the controller save the journal of the 2 month period with 1 hour step for basic values)

The controller equipped by built-in GSM/GPRS cellular communication module. This module is 900/1800 MHz dual-band GSM/GPRS modem and provides for the exchange of information between the control center and the controller via data (CSD) and SMS channels

Country Russia
Warranty period, years 1
Manufacturer SPE DonKont Ltd., SPE Don Ltd.