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Сathodic protection transformer rectifier UKZT-AU OPE TM-GSM 3.0 Y1

Automatic cathodic protection transformer rectifier by UKZT-TM serie with integrated telemechanics controller. Nominal output power - 3000 W.
181 358 RUR

The Cathodic Protection transformer rectifier of the UKZT-TM serie are intended for protection of underground metal constructions against soil corrosion by a method of cathodic polarization.

This rectifier equipped by microprocessor controller “KATRON-SKZ” as control block with integrated GSM-modem for remote control using mobile communications. This makes possible integration of the rectifier to the telemetry system “STEL-K” or to some others SCADA-systems by GSM communications or by CAN/RS485 interfaces with standard Modbus RTU protocol for remotely monitoring and control of rectifiers settings and modes.

The controller “KATRON-SKZ” is realized as multi-blocks module and include microprocessor block, GSM-modem and reserve power supply block with external accumulator battery. This one give opportunity transfer measured values of rectifier’s output voltage and current, protective potential, alarm signals (as not sanctioned opening of a rectifier’s box), data of power counter and time counters by GSM communications.

CP transformer rectifier has modes of manual control and automatic stabilization of output current or protective potential.

Measured and transferred data by controller:

– Value of output voltage
– Value of output current
– Value of protective potential (if reference electrode is connected)
– Values of time counters (time of work, and time of useful work)
– Values of power counter
– Values of main voltage AC
– Value of “pipe-anode” resistance
– Value of temperature inside the controller box
– Emergency signalisation to central computer and transfer dubler SMS-message to mobile phones of staff.

Archiving of electronic journal of the CP rectifier, with a measurement each hour and the volume of the journal for 2 last months (archive).

Thanks to this option the controller has function of intelligent control in case of accident situation.
As example: Rectifier work in automatic mode stabilization of protective potential. After some time a sensor of protective potential is destroyed and rectifier can not stabilize set value of protective potential. In this case, the controller send alarm message to central computer (staff cells) and after that read from archive the value of output current for value of protective potential which was set and auto switch to mode automatic stabilization of output current with set value which received from archive.

Automatic stabilization of output current, at the range, % 5...100
Automatic stabilization of protective potential, at the range, V -0,5...-3,5
Weight, kg 75
Dimensions, mm ( WxHxL) 435х830х370
Country Russia
Nominal output power, kW 3
Nominal output voltage DC (1st mode/2nd mode), V 48/96
Nominal output current DC (1st mode/2nd mode), Amps 64/32
Accuracy of automatic stabilization, % 2,5
Efficiency, no less, % 70
Voltage overload protection, V 390
Climatic modification, category of accommodation N1
Safety class of service 01
Protection against influence of an environment and contact with current carrying parts IP34
The working range of temperature, C° -45...+45 (max +50)
lifetime value, years 15
Producing time period, days 15
Supply voltage, V 220/230 V AC
Warranty period, years 1
Manufacturer SPE Don Ltd., Donskaya korona Ltd/