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AG-1 acoustic repellent-generator

The AG-1 is an acoustic repellent-generator against rodents and wasps at industrial areas
1 975 RUR

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Everyone knows the consequences of the settlement of rodents inside electrical equipment, in particular inside of cathodic protection rectifiers (CPR). This can lead to partial or complete equipment failure, not to mention an increased fire hazard of objects.

The acoustic generator AG-1 allows you to prevent the appearance of rodents, as well as wasps inside electrical equipment and premises. AG-1 is designed for installation inside the enclosure of the equipment or in the immediate vicinity of it. The generator is manufactured in a separate box with a built-in power source from an Main AC of 220 V.

Country Russia
Dimensions, ( WxHxL) mm 105х125х55
Warranty period, years 1
Manufacturer SPE Don Ltd., Donskaya korona Ltd/

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