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The Donkont-220 (220 V AC) time counter

The Donkont-220 time counter is designed to take into account the total and useful operating time of various equipment, as well as to count the turn on numbers of equipment. The counter is powered by an alternating current network 220/230 V

2 929 RUR

Appointment of the Donkont-2 time counter

The Donkont-220 is used to automatically record the operating time of various industrial and household equipment, such as cathodic protection rectifiers, electric motors, autonomous power generators, refrigeration equipment, construction machines (pavers, hoisting mechanisms etc) and other equipment that requires calculating of work time to determine the need for maintenance.
The counter is capable of providing independent accounting of two time intervals (total and effective operating time according to the control signal of an external sensor) and counting the number of turns on of the equipment.

Additionally, the Donkont-220 time counter can be used as a stabilized DC voltage source (Uout. = 5 V, Imax = 0.5 A). When implementing this function, it is imperative to include an appropriate fuse in the load circuit.

Distinctive features


The ability of independently counting two time values of the total and useful time of the equipment work, allowing you to plan and carry out preventive and scheduled work of the equipment in a timely manner, and taking into account the number of turn on of the equipment for determine the length of its work cycles.
The built-in stabilized DC voltage power supply allows powering low-power consumers (sensors, electronic devices, etc.)

Non-volatile memory

Provides uninterrupted accounting of the work of the controlled equipment, the preservation of all settings and indications of the counter in a de-energized state.

Superbright LED display

Provides high definition and reading information in bright sunlight and wide viewing angles.

Wide temperature range

The counters works effectively in the temperature range of the environment from minus 45 to plus 65 °C. The counter is resistance for short-term, from 3 to 5 hours time periods, temperature rises up to + 70 °С.

High reliability

It is provided with a modern elemental base and the absence of moving mechanical parts, which leads to high resistance of the counters to vibration and shock.


Warranty period for the counters is 1 year. The manufacturer provides advisory and technical support to customers throughout the entire operation period. Optionally, it is possible to produce counters taking into account the personal requirements of the buyer (programming algorithms, design features).

Possible mounting types options (selected when ordering):
- double-sided scotch 3M;
- DIN rail mount.

Weight, kg 0,12
Dimensions, mm ( WxHxL) 50х50х50
Country Russia
The working range of temperature, C° -45...+65
lifetime value, years 10
Body material plastic
Supply voltage, V 176-264 V AC
Warranty period, years 1
Manufacturer SPE DonKont Ltd.
Max. value of the total time counter (t2), hrs 99999.9
Max. value of the useful time counter (t1), hrs 99999.9
Maximum value of the number of starts counter (On) 999999
The number of inputs for connecting external sensors, pcs 1
Power consumption, W 4,5