In the modern world, the thesis “Time is money” is more relevant than ever.

How much will it cost to repair an autonomous power station or an expensive paver? And what consequences can a non effective cathodic protection rectifier of a gas pipeline cause? All this, and many other equipment, requires taking into account the time of its work for the production of timely scheduled work and maintenance.

Digital, multifunctional time counters of the Donkont series are an indispensable tool for realizing these important tasks. They will allow you to keep accurate records of not only the total operating time of your equipment, but also the useful time. Thanks to these meters, you will also know how many times the equipment was turned on to operate.

Until August 31, in the Electrotechnics - Service - Automation online store, with a one-time purchase of ten Donkont counters, of any modification, a special discount is applied - 10%. Just put 10 or more Donkont counters in the Basket and when placing an order, your discount will be taken into account automatically!